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Merudandasanam Yoga Pose for Backbone

March 24th, 2007 | admin

Merudandu means backbone. This asana is aimed at giving strength and flexibility to backbone.

The Procedure for Merudandasana Yoga Posture

1. Lie flat on ground with legs close together, hands by the sides, palms down and fingers and toes straight.

2. While inhaling raise both legs together to a height of 45 degree or more, bending at waist. Take care you don’t bend your legs at knees. Press the hands against the ground if you need more balance.

3. Slowly lower your legs as you exhale.

4. Give rest to both legs for a second by allowing them to fall apart.

Notes on Merudandasana Yoga Pose

This asana is good to reduce belly pot. It also gives strength and flexibility to backbone and muscles attached to backbone. Promotes digestion and nourishes internal organs.

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