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Sarvangasanam Yoga Posture, Stand on Shoulder Pose

March 24th, 2007 | admin

Sarvangasana or shoulder stand posture is equivalent to seershasana in benefits, but without the risks. It gives exercise and nourishment to all organs. Sarva means all or whole and angam means organ. This asana is exercise for all organs.

The Procedure for Sarvangasana

1. Lay flat on your back. Keep legs together, hands on either side, palms down on ground.

2. Slowly inhaling, raise your legs and waist without bending your legs at knees.

3. Give support to your waist with your hands. Once assume this position, the portions below shoulder will be in the air and vertically upwards.

4. Take care not to bend your leg beyond head. Keep the legs vertically up. Your chin will be against your chest while completing this posture. You can continue regular breathing while at this posture.

Notes on Sarvangasana

If you feel any difficulties while doing this, slowly bend your legs over your head take the hands down, and slowly return to lying pose. Rest for a while.

Stay at this pose for a maximum of five minutes a day.

This asana is not indicated for persons with thyroid, heart and blood pressure problems.

More blood is pumped to upper portions of the body – brain, heart, lungs, neck, head – and nourishes the upper parts.

This asana requires lot of concentration, which is achieved almost instinctively without any special efforts for concentration. The concentration a yogi achieves while practicing this asana is beneficial in dealing with all other fields of life.

This asana is indicated for women. It strengthens uterus and reproductive organs.

Viparitakarani is another asana that gives comparable benefits.

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