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Flowers of Kerala –India

Kerala’s climate is so blessed that many types of flowers grow abundantly and naturally in the soil. Many flowers are so common and some are very rare. Some flowers are found on almost all household, while some are found only in specific locations of forests. There are different types of orchids that can’t be found elsewhere outside the silent valley forest of Kerala.

Different climates support different types of plants and flowers. Almost all types of flowers in south India are found in Kerala too. Trekkers identify new variety of orchids from the forests of Kerala.

Flowers have a prominent place in the pooja rooms (prayer rooms) of Kerala, temples and churches. The most common types of flowers are china rose (hibiscus), rose, orchids and a wide variety of wild flowers.

Many of the flowers are of interest to Ayurveda practitioners because of their medicinal properties. The most common hibiscus flowers form a part of natural herbal shampoo that cleans the heads and hair of village women.

Some flowers are poisonous too. Such flowers usually have a repelling smell too.

The flowers of many plants go into the production of Ayurvedic medicines, along with leaves, seeds, fruits and roots.

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