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Indian Astrology, the Oldest System of Astrology in the World

Indian astrology is closely linked to astronomy. The basic concept of Indian astrology is the interaction of different elements of the universe on the lives of humans and earth.

According to Indian astrology there are nine planets that have influence on earth and all earthly matters. The positions of the planets (sun and moon are two among the planets), determine the health, wealth, physical condition and health of a person.

There is specific time right to start any venture and for special occasions like wedding, house warming, starting one’s education etc.

The position of stars and planets at the time of birth of a person has its effect on the person. His/her health condition, mental bearings, education, wealth, etc will be determined by the exact positions of the stars.

This concept is the basis of drawing natal charts called jataka or horoscope. Jataka (literally means birth) describes the events that would happen in the life of the person.

There are also specific methods to identify the position of planets and starts at the time of birth of a baby. Now software products are available in large numbers to calculate the timing and position of stars and planets and to derive the implications.

Another division of Indian astrology is palmistry. The lines on the hands really are reflections of mental bearings. Accurately reading the palm lines can tell a palm reader the life story of a person.