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Vata Dosha (Vatham)

Vata dosha is the primary dosha of Tridoshas, the three dynamic forces responsible for the physical and mental well being of humans and all living things.

Vata is composed mainly of Vayu (air) and Jal (water). Ayurveda says that Vata is the main dosha that controls other two doshas, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata assists in:
· Movement of body fluids
· Elimination of metabolic wastes
· Semen ejaculation
· Pushing of fetus out of mother’s body
· Giving brain impulses from external stimuli
· Helping body movements etc

Vata dominates the areas of intestines, ear, bones and skin.

Different factors that affect the balance of Kapha are:

· Stiffly controlling natural urges like urination, thirst, hunger, etc
· Staying awake later into the nights
· Imbalanced food habits
· Excess physical or mental exertion
· Severe hot or cold climate
· Consuming spicy food

Having a regular, healthy food habit, work-rest balance etc are the steps you can take to maintain the balance of Vata dosha.