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Pranamasana Prayer Pose or Salutation Pose

Pranam (or pranamam) means salutation and asana is a posture. Pranamasana is the posture of prayer. Here you stand erect, keeping feet together and holding hands together before your chest. You can either keep your eyes closed or keep the gaze straight in front you. It is the starting and finishing pose of Surya Namaskar.

The Procedure

Stand facing the sun. Body erect and feet close together. Keep hands joined together just in front of your chest. Close your eyes or keep the gaze at straight level.

This pose is ideal for prayers and chanting mantras.

If in surya namaskar, this pose ends with an exhalation.

The Benefits of Pranamasana

This asana gives balance to your body and eases your nervous system and body.

Anyone who can stand erect can practice this asana without any precautions or guidance.

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