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Hastauttanasana (Hasta Uttanasana) Hand Raising Pose

March 24th, 2007 | admin

Hastauttanasana is simple extension of pranamasana or prayer pose. Here you raise your folded hands from before your chest to above your head and beyond while you bend backwards.

This is the second step in surya namaskar or sun salutation pose.

The Procedure

1. Stand in Pranamasana. i.e. stand erect with you feet held together and palms held together before your chest as in a prayer.

2. Without separating your hands, slowly raise them above your head as you slowly inhale.

Slowly exhaling, come to pranamasana or continue to Padahasthasana, the third step of surya namaskar.

Benefits of Hastauttanasana

This asana stretches your muscles at arms and abdomen. It tones the abdomen, strengthens digestive system and respiratory system. This asana is also good for eyes.

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