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Psoriasis, skin disorders treatments and home remedies available at Kerala Ayurvedics

Psoriasis and other skin disorders  treatments are available at Kerala Ayurvedics.  Psoriasis is a skin disease in which patches of red skin with thick scale appears. It is an autoimmune disease and not contagious. In case of Psoriasis, the epidermis multiplies rapidly leading to thickening of the skin. Some people go through this throughout lifetime. Psoriasis is commonly seen on the arms, nails, legs or scalp and especially knees and elbows. Certain cases of psoriasis are barely noticeable.

Ayurvedic cure for Psoriasis
According to Ayurveda, impurities of the blood (vata and kapha dosha) are the major cause of the disease and Ayurveda suggests detoxification of the body that can be done through Panchakarma.
Causes of Psoriasis
Although the exact cause of psoriasis is still unknown, researchers believe that genes play a major role in the cause of this. Some other causes that are believed to lead to Psoriasis include:

• Skin cuts or bruises.
• Certain medicines.
• Consumption of alcohols and smoking
• Stress level
According to Ayurveda, vata leads to dryness of water element of the skin and also rapid growth of the skin tissues, in which the tissues takes only about 3-4 days to replace compared to a normal healthy skin, leadin to the generation of several immature skin cells.
Kapha dosha leads to itching of the skin area that’s been affected.

Symotoms of Psoriasis.
• Red patches on the skin with thick scales.
• Plaques (which are thick red patches) appears on face, elbows, knees etc.
• Swelling of joints.
• Nails can either pull away from the nail bed or develop a yellowish colour.
• Joint pain develops

Types of Psoriasis.

Plaque Psoriasis:
The most common type of Psoriasis is known as Plaque Psoriasis. In this case, red skin that is covered with silvery scales can be seen. Most cases of plaque psoriasis tend to be persistent.
Guttate Psoriasis:
Commonly seen among children and young adults, these are small red drops on the skin. In certain cases, it doesn’t require any treatment and goes away on its own but in some other cases where it is persistent, requires treatment. Mostly seen on trunk, arms or legs.

• Pustular Psoriasis:
In this, raised bumps filled with pus can be seen on the skin. The area around is also red as in other types of psoriasis.
A rare type of pustular psoriasis is the Acrodermatitis continua, a situation involving fingertips and is very painful. Also leads to the permanent destruction of the nail.

Inverse Psoriasis:
In this case, the patches are not scaly but bright red in colour and smooth. Mainly found under breasts, armpits etc , these are often caused due to sweat and skin rubbing together.
Erythrodermic Psoriasis:
A very serious situation in which large areas of the body appears red and inflamed with peeling rash, which usually itches. It is not a common type of psoriasis.
Nail Psoriasis:
In this , the fingernails and toenails are affected. Yellow-red nail discolouring can occur or little pits can be formed. Lines going from side to side may also appear on the nails.
Psoriatic Arthritis:
In this , the person suffers from both psoriasis and arthritis. It is a common situation and also an autoimmune disease.
Ayurvedic solutions to fight psoriasis:
Some of the common Ayurvedic tips includes:
• Avoid cold showers right after heavy workouts, travels etc.
• Certain foods lead to indigestion. It is always best to avoid such foods. Also, intake of too much salty, sour or acidic food is not good.
• Avoid soap (causes dryness of the skin). Instead try herbal scrubs.
• Vomiting, urination, bowel emptying should not be controlled.
• Maintaining moisturizer level of the skin is of utmost importance and so usages of herbal moisturizing creams are recommended.
• Drinking bitter gourd juice helps to fight psoriasis.

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