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The Trees of Kerala

Trees of Kerala are found in forests, villages and even in cityscapes. Trees provide food, medicine, timber and firewood. The medicinal value of trees and tree products were studied many centuries ago. Again, India’s is a culture that acknowledge the importance of trees.

Coconut palm is the most common tree in Kerala, which followed by rubber trees. Coconut tree is the national tree of Kerala and is considered a kalpa vriksha or a tree that can grand any wish.

Certain types of trees are so medicinal and beneficial that a cot made from the timber of the tree too is considered beneficial to human body. When made such a cot, it usually has timber from different types of trees joined together.

Teak timber from Kerala was once used to make ships of major sizes. A walk through the forests of Kerala gets one closer to many types of rare trees, along with rare flora and fauna.

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