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Learning Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas or yogasanas are to be learned scientifically. Each asana has its own effect on body and mind. Knowing the effect of asanas or yoga positions is necessary before venturing into practicing that position.

The aim of practicing different yoga postures is to give regular exercise to sense organs, joints and all internal and external organs of our body.

Yoga sessions must begin and end with three minutes of silent meditation or prayers to God. It doesn’t matter if you are an atheist. Meditation is a method of freeing mind from many of the thoughts and troubles.

Yoga sessions must start with padmasana or lotus posture. (Padmam is a lotus). Don’t try to learn every yoga postures in a day. Consider yoga practicing as a long journey that lasts till your day. Learn one or two new asana, position in two or three days. Gradually update your knowledge. You don’t have to worry about all the positions quickly; there is a lot of time to learn each and everything of yoga, because you have a lifetime before you.

Never do yoga on ground. Always spread a thick clean cloth on the ground where you plan to practice yoga. Never allow any of your body part touch ground while doing yoga. This is to ensure the electric power developed in your body be not lost due to earthing.

You will be applying yoga positions in sitting standing and lying positions, so take a cloth wide large enough.

Meditating is necessary to keep mental tribulations under control. You will naturally experience peace of mind while you take any yoga pose. The aim of meditation is to bring mind under control. Nothing will work if your mind is out of control.

Yoga poses or yoga postures
Each posture must be comfortable to the body. You shall not feel anything uncomfortable while taking any posture. Yoga science describes the poses that give calmness to body and mind.

Sparing some time of the day to practice yoga is necessary for everyone to ensure their mental strengths and powers are retained.

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