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Ayurveda Acharyas of Ancient India

Humankind got ‘life of knowledge’ through many Ayurveda practitioners. The knowledge is transferred to present generation by ways of palm scripts and word of mouth from Ayurveda masters to students.

We can’t gather information about the life story of the thousands of seers who spend their lives to nurture and spread the knowledge for the benefits of humankind. Ayurveda is ascribed a divine origin and the acharyas approached Ayurveda, medicines with religious fervor.

The divine handling of the knowledge must be one reason that Ayurveda was today made available to the whole humankind.

Acharyas like Charaka, Sushruta, Vagbhata, Atreya, Bhavamisra etc don’t claim Ayurveda started with them. In fact they generally acknowledge Ayurveda practice of many other seers who lived before them and their contemporaries.

We know about these acharyas, because of the texts they have written or because of other texts that mention their names and works.