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Natural Beauty with Ayurveda

The branch of Ayurveda that deals with the beauty of women is called lavanya soothra or the aphorisms of beauty. According to Ayurveda, lavanya or beauty is within the woman and is not disguised by any amount of makeup or masks.

There are a whole lot of natural materials available for the safeguard of beauty. Henna, aloe vera, hibiscus leaves and flowers, rosewater, sandalwood paste, turmeric, etc are all examples for natural beauty enhancers and protectors of natural beauty.

There are many natural materials that keep the skin glowing and removing any scars or marks.

Modern women don’t have the time to prepare a turmeric paste or a sandalwood paste to apply on their hair. They also don’t have the time to boil henna in coconut oil to prepare their hair oil. Thus come many Ayurvedic companies that offer beauty care products under Ayurvedic and herbal labels.

Ayurvedic cosmetics produced from natural products only are mostly beneficial to skin and don’t cause any side effects. However addition of chemical preservatives can spoil the cosmetic. Chemical cosmetics mostly are harmful to the skin in the long run.

Ayurvedic skin care is not limited to application of herbal pastes or shampoos. Healthy diet also plays a significantly important role in Ayurvedic skin care. Drinking two liters or more of water daily can help supple the skin. Including lot of leafy vegetables, carrot, milk, fruits, nuts and seeds in your diet enhances the appearance of skin. Packed, canned, processed, refrigerated and leftover food is harmful to skin.

Keeping mind fresh and happy is another method of keeping your with a youthful glow. Worries cause wrinkles on skin, which are not easily reversible.