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Njavara Nellu (Oriza Sativa) Common Rice

Njavara nellu (Oriza sativa) is the common rice produced from almost all rice producing areas of the world. Rice is the staple food of Kerala.

Nellu (paddy) is grown in paddy fields rich in natural population of frogs, snake, birds etc which look into the matters of pest control – insects and rats are naturally removed this way, without the application of any harmful chemicals. Paddy fields require water logging during the growth phase of paddy grass, till the time of harvest, when the water is drained off and the field kept dry.

After harvesting the grains are separated from the plants and the outer husk is removed for final use as rice.

Njavara rice also forms the base of njavara kizhi, which is a kind of treatment which includes massaging the body with njavara rice lobbed in small cotton bag and dipped in medicated oil.

This crop is also an important provider of carbohydrate to about 20 % of humankind.

Oryza sativa belongs to the family Poaceae.