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Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation)

March 23rd, 2007 | admin

Suryanamaskar (Surya Namaskar or surya namaskaram) or sun salutation is a comprehensive rejuvenating exercise that includes yoga asana and pranayama. There are two different methods of surya namaskar. One method has a series of 12 steps and the other has 10 steps.

Suryanamaskar can be practiced in the morning and in the evening.

The steps included in Surya Namaskar

1. Stand facing the sun, with feet held together and hands folded before your chest, as in prayer. Breathe normally. Pranamasana posture.

2. Inhale. Raise your folded hands above your head and bend backwards. Hastauttanasana (hasta ustanasana) stage.

3. Slowly exhaling, lower your hands to your front and bend forward until your hand is placed on the ground. Take care not to bend your knees at this stage. Padahasthasana stage.

4. Inhale and stretch your right leg backwards as wide as possible, while keeping the hands firmly on ground. The left knee will be between your arms. Look straight in front of you. Ashwa Sanchalasana stage.

5. Exhaling stretch the left leg backwards and place left foot next to the right one. Without bending knees or elbows, raise your hips to form an arch. Parvathasana stage.

6. Exhaling and without bending your knees, lower your body until your nose, forehead, chest and knees touch the ground. Astanga namaskara stage.

7. Inhaling, raise your head slowly and bend backwards. Bhujangasana stage.

8. Exhaling, raise your hips as your head bends forwards. Parvathasana stage as in step 5.

9. Inhaling, bring your right knee to between your arms and place right foot firmly on ground. Ashwa Sanchalasana as in step 4.

10. Exhaling, bring your left foot forward next to your right leg. Padahastasana as in stage 3.

11. Inhaling, raise your body and take your arms to above your head with hands folded and bend backwards. Hatauttanasana as in step 2.

12. Straighten your body and lower your folded hands to before your chest. Pranamasana as in step 1.

One can practice this in the morning and in the evening while facing the sun. This meditation, breath control and stretching exercise is meant to bring in flexibility to body.

Pregnant women, persons with hernia problems, high blood pressure persons, back ache etc are not advised to practice surya namaskar. Women during their periods are also advised not to practice this.

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