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March 24th, 2007 | admin

Bhadrasana is considered to be a yoga posture capable of fighting diseases.

The procedure of Bhadrasana Yoga Pose

1. Sit in Vajrasana posture

2. Spread your knees wide apart. Rest your buttocks on the soles of feet.

3. Keep the body erect. Catch the big toes while taking your hands to the back.

4. Close the eyes and listen to your breathing. Continue this for a few seconds and return to vajrasana.

Benefits of Bhadrasana Yoga Pose

This posture is recommended for women having normal pregnancy. This yoga posture is considered to ease child birth. This posture is also beneficial in strengthening uro-genital system.

This posture also prevents prostate enlargement. It also strengthens leg muscles and prevents sciatic pain.

While practicing this asana, you experience a stretch under the thighs. Go only as far as you can without any discomforts.

Swasthikasanam is another name for this yoga posture.

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