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Blood Pressure and Diabetes: Ayurvedic Natural Remedies for the Dreaded Duo

March 24th, 2007 | admin

The risk of diabetic persons developing high blood pressure is two times higher. Left untreated, diabetes increases the right of heart diseases and stroke. When a person has diabetes and high blood pressure, the chances of heart failure increase by four times. It is therefore essential for diabetic patients find ways to control hypertension or high blood pressure.

Lowering blood pressure can be attained by opting a vegetarian diet, daily physical exercise, losing weight if over weight, quitting smoking and alcohol and practicing of yoga and meditation can help lower blood pressure.

When to take meditation for high blood pressure –
If you are diabetic and your blood pressure reaches 140/90 Hg, you will need to take active measures to lower blood pressure. Remember this is only for diabetic patients and people without diabetes are not generally advised to take medicines if their BP is below 160/100.

Being diabetic increases the risk of heart failure, nervous system damages, kidney failure, liver damages and several other complications including lack of nutrient supply to arms and legs.

Ayurvedic control methods to lower blood pressure levels are mainly centered around dietary controls. Lower intake of sea salt, inclusion of bitter melon in diet, controlling intake of sugar and fat, taking herbal tea, etc are the prime directions. Lifestyle adjustments like taking 7-8 hours of daily sleep, practicing yoga and meditation, leading an active life, dealing only with people you like, etc keep you control blood pressure.

Bitter gourd (bitter melon) juice is beneficial in managing diabetes. Take more than half a glass of bitter gourd juice two times a day.

Salacia oblonga is an Ayurvedic herb useful in lowering blood sugar levels, blood insulin levels and normalizing blood pressure levels. Salacia oblonga thus is beneficial in treating both diabetes and high blood pressure.

Sarpagandhi (Rowolfia serpentina), is another Ayurvedic herb effective in bringing down blood pressure levels.

Shilajith, though usually termed as an aphrodisiac, is beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels. Pure shilajit can be taken as a preventive and curative Ayurvedic medicine against diabetes.

Specific Ayurvedic therapies like dhara, kizhi, nasyam, etc are treatments for diabetes. The treatments are equally beneficial in normalizing blood pressure too.

Diabetic patients who also have high blood pressure must regularly check their blood pressure levels. They also must take directed hours of daily rest and do moderate exercises on a regular basis.

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