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Weight loss organic vegetable soup powder – Ayurvedic herbal home remedy for weight loss, obesity and healthy life.

April 6th, 2011 | admin

Modern medical practice has made people to believe that their health is primarily controlled and maintained by medicines prescribed by doctors. People do not understand that they, rather than their physicians, have a great role in matters related to their own health. Basically, restoration of health must be done nutritionally, not pharmacologically using some medicines. Nutrient therapy increases the individual’s resistance to diseases. A vitamin can act as a drug, but a drug can never act as a vitamin. Moreover, drug therapy generally lowers resistance to disease.

To understand the role of nutrition in one’s health, one needs to have some basic information about functioning of his/her body. Human body is a mobile power station. The chemical process that goes inside the body is very complex and we may compare it with the operation of a thermal power station, producing electricity by burning biomass (wood). In such a power station, trees are cut and the wood will be transported to the power station. At the power station, the wood will be cut into smaller pieces before feeding it to the furnace for generating steam. The steam generated turns the turbine which is connected to an electrical generator. The power generated is fed into the grid.

In the same way, the food we take is the source of energy and it is broken down into simpler compounds in our digestive system. These are then absorbed in the small intestine and the blood transports them to various tissues and cells in out body for producing energy. Inside the cell, these compounds enter the mitochondria, the power hours of the cell, where energy will be release and stored in the chemical form. The energy produced is stored as adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP). In a thermal power station the energy produced is connected to a grid which delivers energy to distant places, while in the cells, the energy is stored in ATP molecules which can be considered as storage batteries of cell, capable of delivering energy to different sites in the cells and body for various functions.

Free radicals – a byproduct of energy productionIn a thermal power station, when wood burns it is oxidized and carbon dioxide is produced. We know from our experience that even in the best burning conditions, traces of carbon monoxide would be produced due to incomplete burning. Like carbon monoxide to a thermal station, our body releases a chemical substance as byproduct during energy releasing process and it is called free radical. In our body, energy production is by a series of electron transfers occurring in the electron transport system but, during the process, traces of free radicals are also produced. It is estimated that about 1.75 Kg free radicals are produced annually in a person weighing about 70 Kgs.

Role of free radicals in diseaseFree radicals play an important role in ageing and in initiation of many diseases, especially those associated with ageing. Many examples can cited but we will look into its role in Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), a disease that causes blockage of arteries supplying blood to the heart. We know low density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol has some bearing on the causation of CAD. An early step in the pathogenesis (development) of the disease involves oxidation of LDL cholesterol by free radicals, which cause injury to the inner lining of the artery. Subsequently, a series of events take place, resulting in the CAD.

How does our body react to free radicals?
Our body has mechanisms to combat free radicals and remove them. The cells have certain enzymes which will destroy free radicals.

Role of nutrition in destroying free radicals
Cellular enzymes may not be sufficient to remove all the free radicals produced in our body and hence nutrition plays a significant role in supplying antioxidants, chemicals capable of destroying the free radicals, in our body. Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants in addition to vitamins, minerals, energy and fibers. The antioxidants include flavinoids, flavinols and phytosterols and they protect the cellular components from free radicals. Due to these reasons, World Health organization (WHO) has recommended at least 400g of fruits and vegetables per person per day.

Since 1990s, there is a general consensus among the medical fraternity, that the free radical generation and antioxidants in the body determine the initiation of various diseases. Thus if adequate quantity of antioxidants are present in the nutrition then the onset of various diseases could be delayed or eliminated. Thus nutritional therapy using fruits and vegetables has a vital role in the health of an individual.

Present scenario of fruits and vegetable consumption
In the modern times, many working house wives prefer to have a non-vegetarian dish with their meals as it minimizes work associated with cooking. They feel vegetable dishes drain lot of work and time for its preparation. Even if we have some vegetable dish we make it pleasing to 2 or 3 inches of our alimentary canal (mouth and tongue) and do not bother about the rest 20 feet associated with it. Thus we do not know for sure whether we are getting proper nutrition from that vegetable dish.

MEEISATCODE Greenway Foods Vegetable Soup Powder
Against such a backdrop, MEEISATCODE has developed a vegetable soup powder with various vegetables, scientifically dehydrated, powdered and mixed in particular proportion. In order to give maximum benefit to the consumers we present it in the soup powder and not as tablets.

The soup can be prepared easily by boiling one glass of water with quarter or half teaspoon of vegetable powder and adding a pinch of salt to it. Simmer the soup for a few minutes and the soup will be ready in minutes which you can serve while it is hot.
Meeisatcode Greenway foods vegetable soup can be taken at any time. It is green food herbal remedy for obesity control and weight loss.

Benefits of Meeisatcode Greenway Foods Vegetable Soup
• Though the soup can be taken at anytime of the day, it is recommended to take it first thing in the morning. This will slowly remove your addiction to coffee and tea when you wake up. The soup itself will make you refreshing.
• Your hunger pangs will be reduced and your food intake comes down. Perhaps this could be a safe and permanent way to tackle obesity.
• If you are diabetic, then take the soup 15 to 20 minutes before meals also. The soup contains mucilage and soluble fibers of vegetables and this will reduce absorption of glucose in the intestine. This will regulate your glucose absorption and will not allow the glucose level to rise in the blood drastically.
• If you are having high cholesterol in the blood or have to take cholesterol rich food, then take the soup 15 to 20 minutes before each meal. The soup is rich in phytosterols. Plants do not have cholesterols. They have phytosterols that mimic cholesterols. So, if you consume soup with good amount of phyto-sterols, the cholesterol receptors in the intestine will be trapped with phyto-sterols and when cholesterol reaches the intestine, cholesterol absorption in the intestine will be reduced. Thus the cholesterol will be passed through the stool.
• We have testimonies where asthma patients started getting relief after taking the soup.
• It is good for giving relief to persons having pains in the joints of limbs or fingers due to arthritis.
• It is good for reducing the effects of atherosclerosis in the blood vessels.
• Vegetable soup is good for your capillaries and it can improve texture and glow of your skin.
• It conserves water in the large intestine and reduces perspiration in the summer months. It is truly refreshing in the summer months if you have to go out in the sun.
• It has mucilage and soluble fibers in them which gives good bowel movement
• It detoxifies your body in the small intestine.
• The soup is rich in minerals, vitamins and folic acid.
• It is ideal for students studying for exams. Patients in the hospital or home, as a food during disaster management etc.

A final note
The importance of vegetable in human nutrition is known from time immemorial. All the references for the above mentioned benefits is available. In India, our Rishis and Acharyas explained to us the importance of vegetables in our nutrition. Daniel and his friends became captive to Babylon king. They were given royal and non-vegetarian food. But they refused it and insisted on vegetarian diet. After a few days they proved themselves to be far superior in all aspects and were selected for various duties in the kingdom.

It is time to think on nutritional therapy through fruits and vegetables. It is time to start with MEEISATCODE Greenway Foods Vegetable Soup Powder in your diet for weight loss, obesity control, diabetic control, cholesterol control and rich in antioxidants. It is alkaline in nature and helps to control arthritic complications. Greenway soup is green food and herbal remedy. It could be your highway to wellness.

The vegetable soup powder is the mixture of okra, bottle gourd, snake gourd, bitter gourd, spinach, French beans, carrots, egg plant, cloves, Tej patta, cinnamon and other spices from Kerala.

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