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Green Cardamom (Eletaria Cardamomum) — Spices of Kerala

March 24th, 2007 | admin

Green cardamom is an aromatic spice cultivated mainly in South India and mostly in Kerala. Cardamom is related to another spice, ginger as both of the plants come in the same family, Zingiberaceae. Green cardamom is also called true cardamom, small cardamom, lesser cardamom and cardamon. Its Malayalam word is Elakkai or Elakka and Hindi word is Elachi, Elaki, Elakki, Elaikki, Elaichi or Elaiki.

Cardamom is the fruit borne towards the base of the perennial plant. The harvested cardamom is dried in a day in a special kiln at specifically maintained temperature. This is essential to keep the green color of the fruit. The fruits are 1.5-3 cm; three sided and accommodate 10 to fifteen granule sized seeds. This is stored as such and rarely ground before selling.

Alleppey Green Bold (AGB), Alleppey Green Extra Bold (AGEB) and Alleppey Green Superior (AGS) are globally acclaimed Indian standards of cardamom.

Cardamom is an ingredient in several preparations. Cardamom is also used as an Ayurvedic medicine or ingredient of Ayurveda medicines for treating infections in teeth and gums. It is also useful in treating digestive disorders, tuberculosis, respiratory problems, throat problems etc. It also is an antidote for snake venom and scorpion bite.

Eletaria cardamomum is in the plant family Zingiberaceae.

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