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Ayurvedic treatments in the month of Karkidaka – the best treatment season to rejuvenate the body.

August 13th, 2011 | admin

The month of Karkidaka, the last month in the traditional Malayalam calendar falls roughly between July and August. This month is dedicated to lord SriRama. It is believed that sage Valmiki completed Ramayana in the month of karkidaka. People read Ramayana during the month of karkidaka. Monsoon is very prominent during this month. Due to climatic changes people are more prone to diseases during this month.

According to Ayurveda, the Malayalam month of Karkidaka (Cancer) is time for preventive therapies. Karkkidaka is known for rains, joblessness and diseases. Since Kerala (and India) is an agriculture society, the rain also forces people off fields and into their houses. During this month, the climate is very damp, with lot of rains. People are prone to diseases of various kinds. In other words, human body becomes extremely sensitive to pathogens.This period has long been identified as the period for preventive treatments and rejuvenation therapies. This is because, during this period human body will also be receptive to Ayurveda medicines.

The major therapies for Karkidaka month ( July 15th to August 15th)

Oil massages (abhayanga) of various kinds are performed during this season, according to the age of persons. These massages give physical strength of the body. The medicated oil also passes the medicinal content straight into the bloodstream. Massages are part of rejuvenation therapies.

Karkidaka Kanji (the rice porridge)

Karkidaka Kanji is basically rice porridge with medicinally valuable herbs added. Karkikada kanji kit is available for purchase from different Ayurveda centers.People take karkidaka kanji or the medicated porridge during this month which is believed to revitalize the body. The main ingredients of this porridge are njavara rice, malli, vizalari, karkokilari, cumin seed, aniseed, ayamodakom, fenugreek, aashali, putharichundaveru, varattumanjal, mustard seed, dry ginger, grambu, nutmeg etc. These ingredients are boiled in a pot. After it is cooked coconut milk is added. Sauté 2 or 3 small onions in ghee and add it to the porridge.

Sukha-chikitsa (preventive therapy)

Sukham means healthy state and chikitsa is therapy or treatment. Sukhachikitsa is given to healthy persons, to prevent diseases from attacking. Massages (abhayanga) and specially prepared kanji (rice porridge) are part of sukhachikitsa.

Rejuvenation therapy

Ayurveda rejuvenation therapy is long process, lasting for many days, from 21 days up to 45 days. During rejuvenation therapy, the body is first cleaned off accumulated toxic materials (excess fat, chemicals, pathogens, etc). The accumulated body waste is called ama or body toxins.The body is then strengthened with special medicines like Rasayanas and with medicated oil massages (abhayanga).Rejuvenation therapy can also include full-scale panchakarma treatments. However, according to the age, physical and mental conditions, and other factors, the doctor may decide to omit one or more procedures of panchakarma treatment.

The month of Chingam (Leo) follows Karkidaka. Chingam is time of blooming, gaiety and general healthfulness. However, the month that precedes Chingam (karkidakam) is the month of diseases. Special Ayurveda packages for preventive healthcare and Karkidaka Kanji kits are available in Kerala Ayurveda hospitals.

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