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Urinary Tract Infection: Precautions and Ayurvedic Remedies

May 13th, 2007 | admin

Urinary tract infection can bring a number of problems like burning urine, pus in urine, Hematuria (blood in urine), kidney infection (Nephritis), Kidney-prostrate-bladder stones, prostrate infection, kidney failure, etc.

Lifestyle –

Drink plenty of water, eat lot of fruits, don’t spend too much time in sun, and drink water of tender coconut, carrot juice, etc on a regular basis.

Diet –

Diet should include lime juice, orange juice, sugarcane juice, apple, grapes, pineapple and other fresh fruits.

Hot spices are better avoided.

Replace consumption of aerated/carbonated drinks with fresh juices.

Don’t suppress the urge to urinate –

Never suppress the feeling of urination. This is a precautionary step to avoid infection.

Ayurvedic Remedy for Urinary Infection and Stones in Urinary Tract

Banana stem juice (only the core of fruited banana plant) is excellent remedy for different kinds of urinary infection. It dissolves kidney stones, bladder stones and removes infection from urinary tract, urethra, kidney, and prostrate.

This is the most beneficial treatment against kidney stones and infections in urinary tract.

Other Home Remedies for Urinary Infection

Lemon juice, carrot juice, tender coconut water and sugarcane juice consumed on a regular basis can help you control urinary infection. Half a cup of radish juice two times daily can also help. Liquid food (not carbonated drinks) in almost all forms is beneficial to treat urinary infection.

Shilajit, Guggul, Punarnava, and Chandana supplements may also be of help when it comes to treating urinary infection.

Urinary infection is painful situation. Proper lifestyle and diet can help you keep away from urinary infection, kidney stones and other painful conditions.

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