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Narasimha Rasayana – reversing aging, improving immune system and increasing libido

October 4th, 2008 | admin

Narasimha Rasayana (narasimha rasayanam) is an Ayurvedic jam and dietary supplement beneficial in reversing aging, improving immune system and increasing libido.

Ashtangahridayam, one among the major ancient Ayurvedic treatise by Acharya Vagbhata describes the preparatory methods, actions and indication of narasimha rasayanam in detail.

The action of Narasimha rasayanam is mainly in improving immunity, improving physical strength. It acts as a body tonic, rejuvenative, increase sex drive, improves complexion and checks aging process.

The main indication for narasimha rasayana is premature graying or hair loss.

It is beneficial in treatment of all kinds of gynecological disorders and promotes fertility.

Ingredients of Narasimha Rasayana

Bhringaraja (false daisy – eclipta alba), Indian gooseberry (Embelica officinalis), Chebulic myrobalan, Beleric myrobalan, milk, ghee, satavari (asparagus rosemosus), etc are the main ingredients of narasimha rasayana.

Dosage of narasimha rasayanam

5-15 g daily before going to bed. Take water or milk immediately thereafter. Follow any specific instructions from your physician.

Good for both men and women, narasimha rasayana promotes steady physical health and promotes fertility and virility.

Narasimha rasayana is a general body tonic, but start taking it only with the advice of your Ayurveda physician.

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