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Urinary Infection: Causes and Ayurvedic Remedies

May 9th, 2007 | admin

The burning feeling while passing urine can be sign of urinary tract infection, stone in urinary bladder, obstruction in urinary passage or formation of stone in urinary bladder.

Sufferers may also find pus in urine, bleeding and fever.

Herbal remedies for urinary infection

Juice from banana stem (banana stem juice) is effective in treating a variety of urinary infections and to dissolve kidney, prostrate and gall bladder stones. Banana stem is the core of banana plant. Remove the leaf bracts to reach the banana stem that runs from the base of the plant and ends at the banana bunch. Crush the stem with any solid material to extract the juice. Drink a glass each in the morning and evening. The juice from leaf bracts are of no use in this regard.

Taking banana stem juice (vazhappindi neeru in Malayalam) is single best remedy for all types of kidney stones.

Bael fruit (Aegle Marmelos – Kuvalam) is also known to have positive effects on reducing urinary tract infection. Take ripe fruits fresh or make a drink. Leaves and bark of the tree are poisonous.

Take 2-3 glasses of lemon juice (lime juice) daily.

Drink 2 glass of carrot juice daily.

Water of a big tender coconut a day can give relief to urinary tract infection.

Take 300 mg of Shilajit (Mineral Pitch, Asphaltum) daily.

Lifestyle adjustment

Persons suffering from urinary infection must not spend too much time in sun and must drink plenty of water. Don’t suppress the urge when you feel like urinating.

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