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Tulsi: the Divine Herb and Medicine

April 12th, 2007 | admin

Tulsi (holy basil – Ocimum sanctum) has special importance in Kerala and Indian Hindu families. Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu are fond of this plant.

A tulsi plant is planted on a raised platform immediately before the entrance to the house. This plant is regularly watered and kept with reverence. The leaves of this plant will be used whenever a household member gets a cold, cough or some common ailment.

There are different benefits for tulsi leaves.

Tulsi has soothing effect on nervous system. It is thus used as a stress reliever. It also has the power to sharpen memory.

Tulsi leaves are an effective remedy for respiratory diseases, common fever, head ache, cold, coughs and sore throat. It is also beneficial in treating skin and dental disorders. It is proved to have anti-diabetic properties, showing scalable reduction in blood glucose levels in controlled tests.

Tulsi can also strengthen immune system of the body.

Tulsi leaves have the power to strengthen kidney, hearts and other internal organs.

Ursolic Acid present in tulsi leaves is reported to have anti-fertility properties. This component is anti-estrogenic and is likely to suppress sperm production in males and inhibits binding of sperm with ovum. Researches may be in the direction of making an effective birth control pill that has no side effects.

Not just a plant to be revered, but a medicine to be explored, researches are pending to identify the full benefits of Tulsi as a medicine. It is sure much of traditional knowledge about this plant has been lost, which has to be restored with the help of modern research facilities and diligent search.

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