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Libido and Body Fitness

May 15th, 2007 | admin

Libido and body fitness often seems to be unrelated, but the truth is it is. When you compare men and women, you will find that men have extremely high sex drive even if they are physically unfit. Women on the other hand experiences decreased sex drive even without much visible physical problems.

There are solid reasons for low libido in women. Sexual dysfunction or lack of libido or sex drive is due to low levels of hormone activity. This is true in both males and females.

Ayurveda attributes the main reason for lack of sex drive and/or physical weakness to the physical condition of body. Except in unlucky instances, the physical and hormonal state of a person is directly linked to his or her food habits and daily routines.

A person continuously taking fast food, over cooked food items, low nutrient food will tend to add on unwanted bulk, which is unhealthy. A person working continuously under stressful conditions also develops unhealthy symptoms and hormonal imbalances.

All the factors including food, work, mental condition and social atmosphere has an influence on the health of a person.

Lack of libido is direct result of physical or mental weaknesses. Physical weaknesses cause due to unhealthy food habits and routines, mental disturbances are caused by stress. Both of these factors lower the sex drive of a person.

Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs are developed mainly to avoid the physical weaknesses to give the body the perfect strength and condition to have the sexual drive and ability to fulfill his or her drive.

All Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs are aimed not only at increasing sex drive or giving higher levels of endurance, but also to give the physical body fitness for libido. Stable mind and body fitness are the keys to sexual drive or libido.

Let’s take some cues from ancient Ayurveda scripts and list them as a few easy to digest capsules for better body fitness, increased libido and better enjoyment of sex life.

First of all eat healthy – you are feeding your body, not your tongue. You really know what is good for your body. Go for nutrient rich food.

Exercise – you know the importance of exercise in body fitness and better health. Remember once again body fitness is directly linked to sex drive or libido.

Bad habits to avoid
Smoking – smoking puts in harmful materials to your blood vessels and respiratory system, effectively blocking nutrients to the body and blocking the release of toxic wastes from body.

Drinking – moderate levels of drinking, especially when taking non vegetarian food is actually good for your body. But when you take it beyond beer, two glass of wine and a strong drink, the alcohol starts to behave like poison. Thus alcohol is hindrance to body fitness and libido.

External Chemicals – chemicals and hormones of insecticides and pesticides reaching our body with the fruits and vegetables add to body toxins.

Drugs – several drugs have effects and side-effects. The chemicals of the drug remains in your body for longer than you want. This negatively influence physical fitness and libido.

These are the signs to watch for – you now know what actions to take. Just keep in mind body fitness and libido sex drive are inseparable.

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