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Kamasutra, Ayurveda and True Sexual Enjoyment

April 5th, 2007 | admin

Kamasutra (also spelt kama sutra, kamasootra, kama sootra, kama suthra, kamasuthra and kamasuthram) is an ancient script written by Vatsyayana (Vatsyayan) somewhere between first and fourth century AD.


Kama means lust and sutra means a string of techniques. Kamasutra means the treatise of physical union between man and woman. According to ancient Indian school of thought, a man’s life is complete only with four factors – dharma, artha, kama and moksha. Dharma is duty, artha is financial power, kama is sex and moksha is salvation or ultimate freedom from the cycle of births and deaths. Moksha is the beginning of divine life, free from the bounds of physical body.


Kamasutra deals primarily with fulfillment of the third element called kama or sex. Kamasutra literature primarily addresses men and elucidates the minute details of attaining fullness of physical union. It also talks about the steps man and woman should take to give rise to a healthy offspring.


Kama is one important step to moksha. It comes after dharma and artha. Dharma is the righteous doings and artha should come as a result of the righteous deeds. Artha (money) is necessary for enjoying the physical life.


When it comes to Ayurveda in kamasutra or Ayurvedic principles in kamasutra, you can find the requirement of healthy body and sound mind for the best enjoyment of life.

There are many suggestions by the author of kamasutra about Ayurvedic medicines like kamasutra. Kamasutra points to several herbs, fruits, nuts and shilajit as aphrodisiacs and health tonics. Ayurveda has agreed up on positive effects of herbs like aswagandha as aphrodisiacs.


There is however a fundamental clash between the scriptures of Ayurveda and kama sutra. Kamasutra encourages a person to try different sex postures and to actively seek extra marital relationships. Kamasutra actually has treatise on how to get the women of other men.


Ayurveda on the other hand agrees to only a single sex posture. It is the universal, woman bottom and man top position. Taking fancy positions for ecstasy and variety can cause the back bone to lose strength and develop back pains. According to Ayurveda the quest for pleasure and lust leads to imbalances in body and leave a person prematurely unhealthy.


Ayurveda also suggests sex with one’s wife only. Only single wife is recommended in Ayurveda (remember Ayurveda is the science of ‘life’).

However the loose lifestyles of people at royal positions forced Ayurveda physicians of ancient times to develop medicines and directions to enable such people lead the kind of life they pursue. A lot of aphrodisiacs were discovered in that way. Shilajit and Aswagandha are generally good for healthy development of body, but was increasingly regarded as aphrodisiacs only.


There are several aphrodisiacs in kamasutra that Ayurveda agrees and there are some kamasutra directions that Ayurveda disproves.

Kamasutra suggests taking milk with sugar – Ayurveda agrees,
It also suggests boiling the testicles of goat or ram – Ayurveda never agrees taking milk and meat together.


Can one say this branch of Ayurveda Kamasutra Ayurveda? It is not easily established, but can safely say this branch of Ayurveda for kamasutra.

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