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Home Remedies for Back Ache

April 18th, 2007 | admin

Back pain is so common a problem. Only at an advanced stage do people seek medical attention for back pain. Back pain occurs when the flexibility of spine is affected.

Back ache or back pain can be of short term (lasts for only a few weeks), recurrent or chronic.

Poor posture and resultant muscular tension and stress on disc are the main result of back pain, especially lower back pain. Nutrition deficiency, lack of exercise etc are other reasons for back pain.

In some cases, back pain can be symptoms of serious arthritis problems, infections, or ovarian cysts.

Back ache, according to Ayurveda is primarily a vata related disorder. Therefore the first step in treating back pain is to avoid vata aggravating food items like chilled items.

Don’t physically exert too much.

Sexual activity is better minimized. Take the passive position when having sex.

Practice yoga, meditation, stretching and mild exercises.

Massage – there are several Ayurvedic massage oils for rheumatic pains and general body pains. Your physician prescribes a medicinal oil to massage your lower back with. It relives pain.

Posture – don’t lean forward when standing or sitting. Take an upright position or comfortably press against the chair you sit. The angle between your legs and torso should be more than 90 degree but less than 135 degree. Practice sitting like this earlier in your life.

Don’t lift very heavy objects. Never lean to your side when lifting heavy objects on one hand. Try stay erect when lifting heavy objects.

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