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Ayurvedic Treatment for Joint Pain

May 2nd, 2007 | admin

Joint Pain Ayurvedic treatment makes use of mainly massage techniques with selected medicinal oils and internal medicine.

There are several medicated Ayurvedic massage oils for curing different types of pains. Sprains, bone dislocation, stress injury, etc can cause joint pain. Arthritis can be another reason for joint pain.

Narayana oil is one Ayurvedic herbal massage oil especially beneficial in pains related to bones and muscles. It provides flexibility to joints. Narayana oil is used in the treatment of arthritis pain, backaches, sprains, etc.

According to Ayurveda, the root cause of arthritis is poor digestion capacity of a person. The body of a person with less digestive fire allows more ama (bodily wastes) to be accumulated at the joints. This is the direct reason of joint pains. Apart from Narayana thailam (narayan oil), Mahanarayana thailam (mahanarayan oil) is also used for same effect. Mahanarayana oil is used only after mixing up equal portion of sesame oil.

Other massage oils include brahmi oil, sandalwood oil, Sahacharadi Kuzhampu, Sahacharadi thailam, etc.

Sahacharadi thailam and Sahacharadi kuzhampu (also Sahajaradi oil) is beneficial in arthritis pain due to injury. There are three qualities of Sahacharadi oils, each are beneficial in treating almost all joint pains, muscle pains, back pains, muscle cramps, etc. One can expect immediate relief. Relief can also be delayed by two or four days according to the strength of the pain. One can freely apply sahacharadi oil, without massaging, heat pads or steam bath. You can apply this oil without doctor prescription.

The internal medicines include guggul, haritaki, triphala, castor oil (as a laxative), etc.

Ayurveda considers the joint pains and muscle pains due to vata related disorders. Vata related disorders attack people in old age. Arthritis is common reason for disability in elder people.

Some simple preventive measures to keep yourself away from the pains of arthritis related disorders:

Follow a vegetarian diet and avoid fatty food, dairy products, excess salt, sugar, etc will help in avoiding arthritis pain. Certain vegetables like potatoes are also known for aggravating vata.

Dates, raisins, citrus fruits like orange, etc can be included in daily diet.

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