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Bhringaraj Hair Oil

March 23rd, 2007 | admin

Bhringa means hair. Bhringaraj oil is one fine hair oil, that promotes thick hair growth and darkening of hair.

Bhringaraj Ayurvedic hair oil prepared primarily from Kayyonni (False Daisy – Eclipta alba) with sesame oil base. Bhringaraj Ayurvedic hair oil is beneficial in darkening the hair, prevent hair loss and to treat dandruff and dryness of scalp.

This oil is recommended for persons suffering from premature graying, premature hair fall and balding. It is nourishing to the scalp. It avoids splitting of hair and makes it soft and manageable.

You can either choose to apply this oil on hair for an hour before shampooing away or can leave it on hair overnight.

The oil also has soothing effect on nervous system.

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