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Arishtam – Ayurvedic Medicines (Fermented Decoctions)

March 23rd, 2007 | admin

Arishtam is a medicine prepared mainly by fermentation of medicinal herbs. Arista or Asava treatment is suggested for a variety of diseases and conditions. The difference between arishta and asava is simple – arishta is prepared from the essence of medicinal herbs while asava is prepared from fresh herbs. They are powerful herbal combinations that enhances digestive system, increase appetite, while eliminating accumulated toxic waste materials (ama) in the body.

Digestive power (agni) is enhanced by a proper arishta. Agni gives digestive power to the digestive system. A strong digestive fire (agni) will elminate accumulated ama (bodily wastes – toxins) and facilitates absorption of nutrients to the body. Weak digestion is the basis of many diseases.

The main arishtams and asavas are:

Dasamoolarishtam – dasamoola arishtam, dashmoolarisht, dashamoolarishta
Draksharishtam – draksha arishtam
Jeerakarishtam – jeeraka arishtam
Pippalyasavam – pippaly asavam, pippaly asava
Aswagandharishtam – aswaganda arishtam, aswagandha arishtam, ashwagantha arishtam, ashwagantharishtam
Saraswatharishatam –
Apart from the effects on digestive system, arishtams and asavas also have influence on nervous system, respiratory system, etc. They are used in the treatment of asthma and other breathing problems, anemia, certain heart disorders, arthritis or rheumatism related joint pain, back pain, numbness, liver disorders, psychosis, epilepsy, insomnia, stammering, loss of memory, depression, etc.

Arishtas generally give quick results, mainly because of the presence of the factors that stimulate agni, digestive power.

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