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Pathimukham (Caesalpenia Sappan) — Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs

March 23rd, 2007 | admin

Pathimukham (Caesalpenia sappan) is a perennial tree with pinnate compound leaves. Its pink-rose flowering also makes it an ornamental plant.

The flowers also form a base for Ayurvedic fairness creams. The heartwood produces a red color which is useful in coloring food and fabrics.

Pathimukham tree is cultivated for its medicinal value. Its bark, heartwood, flower and roots are all usable parts.

The water kept in the heartwood of pathimukam tree is rich in minerals and has diuretic, anti-oxidative, thirst quenching, anti-bacterial and tonic properties. It is also blood purifying and is a good drink for persons with diabetes. It cures jaundice, cough, respiratory problems, etc.

The other names are sappan wood and bukkum wood tree. It strives in different climatic conditions, except frost and drought.

Caesalpinia sappans belongs to the family Caesalpiniaceae.

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