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Aloe Vera, Ayurvedic Herbs

March 23rd, 2007 | admin

Aloe Vera perhaps may be the most popular Ayurvedic herbs from India in the west. Aloe Vera’s primary habitat is South India, including Kerala, parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Aloe Vera is characterized by its fleshy leaves. The characteristic aloe Vera gel is obtained from the fleshy tissue of the leaves.

There are about 200 species of Vera, 12 among them are poisonous and 4 of them have medicinal properties.

It is primarily used to treat diseases affecting skin and for cosmetic purposes. Aloe Vera gel also has healing properties and is used to heal cuts, wounds, burns, inflammations, and ulcer.

Aloe Vera when taken internally helps in the regulation of digestion and flushing out toxins (ama) and improves the functioning of liver and kidneys. Since the health of blood and skin are closely interlinked, its internal application helps in better maintenance of skin tone too.

Ayurveda regards Aloe Vera as ‘woman’s friend’, because of its potential to cure irregularities in periods and menopause related problems in different ways.

Aloe Vera comes in the plant family liliaceae though it appears to be a cactus. There are different species – Aloe Barbados, Aloe Indica, and Aloe Vera are the main among them. In India it is known by the names Ghirt Kumari, Kattar Vazha (in Kerala), etc. Indian Alces, Lu Hui, Barbados aloe, etc are other names.

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