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Vaidyamadom Valiya Narayanan Namboodiri

March 23rd, 2007 | admin

Vaidyamadom family is one among the rare breed of ashtavaidya families of Kerala. vaidyamadom Valiya Narayanam Namboodiri is a link in the chain of ashtavaidya tradition in Kerala.

Vaidyamadom vaidyas are the only allowed ashtavaidyas in places of religious rituals like yagnas.

Vaidya madom valiya narayana namboodiri’s words about treatment – “You don’t have to look whether it (treatment) is old or new; from wherever, or by whoever, anything that is good for humankind is acceptable. The best treatment gives the fastest results. Ayurveda is such a great ocean, where all the knowledge accumulates. Modern technology allows the separation of minute components of nature. Mere mechanical knowledge of composition of materials can sometimes be counterproductive. Ayurveda is the sum total of the enlightenment that our yogis got after several thousand years of diligent efforts.”

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