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Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy

March 23rd, 2007 | admin

Sitaram Ayurvedic Pharmacy is the first company in India to get Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate. It is also the first joint stock company in entire South India. Sitaram Ayurvedics works in Thrissur Dist of Kerala. Perhaps this is one among the oldest Ayurvedic institutes in Kerala. Its history dates back to 1921, when the company started with the blessings of Maharaja of erstwhile Kochi princely state, Rama Varma.

Scientific comprehension of Ayurvedic information and scientific methods of preparing medicines is the main points about Sitaram Ayurveda laboratory. The laboratory has got recognition from Kerala and India Government Agencies. The production also observes strict in house standards to ensure highest quality in medicines.

They have over 450 medicines; 25 of them are patented medicines.

Glycohr pills for diabetes, Allercants powder for allergy, Sitaram Hair Tone, etc are the main products by the company.

The company’s latest venture is a multi-specialty Ayurvedic hospital, which has the facilities to practice all the eight branches (ashtanga) of Ayurveda as described in Ashtangahridayam. Panchakarma clinics by Sitaram function in places like Mumbai, Goa, etc. Good Clinical Practise (GCP) is the declared goal of Sitaram Ayurvedic treatment wing.

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